The cake is usually the big centerpiece of your reception, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars on it. Here are some quick tips to getting the most out of your baked-goods budget without compromising on that perfect cake-cutting snapshot.

Get a display cake for the centerpiece

Rather than order a massive tower of a cake to feed all of your guests, order a small, very ornate display cake to hold the spot on the table and for the cake-cutting ceremony. The bride and groom can enjoy this, while the rest of the guests are served a just as flavorful, less expensive cake sheet from the back. Not only does it make it easier to assure all guests have their fill of the cake, it can save you a bundle. For a special flair, consider cupcakes instead of sheet cake!

Replace edible decorations with real ones

Sugar flowers are majestic works of art, but they still aren’t the highlight of eating the cake, and ordering a cake with a bunch can add a whole lot of manual labor creating them – which means more out of your pocket. The same is true for other elaborate edible sugar decorations. Instead, source food-safe real flowers and other decorations that you can simply move to the side when the time comes to eat. It looks just as amazing on the display table but makes the final product much more affordable.

Choose buttercream – or go naked!

Most wedding cakes you think of are finished with fondant: it gives them that perfectly smoothed, shiny, finished look, but the extra work involved with fondant means you’ll be paying for that appearance. Most cakes you eat not at weddings are topped with buttercream frosting, which has a much more inconsistent surface. Still, turning a “rustic” cake into a still-beautiful creation can look great and save you a lot. If you want to go all out, consider skipping frosting altogether with a so-called naked cake – it’s not only trendy, but with the right flavors and toppings, can be a memorable and delicious treat for you and your guests!