It’s a tried-and-true way to get a cheaper version of anything: learn how to do it on your own. While the most ambitious brides can attempt to grow their own garden, most will do just fine by purchasing flowers on their own and constructing the arrangements themselves. Wholesale flower providers, grocery chains, and warehouse stores often have great, beautiful flowers available in large quantities at a discount. Another advantage is perfectly tailoring the look of your containers and colors to match your theme!

Go Green

Some of the most beautiful arrangements don’t necessarily have the highest density of flowers. Using less expensive greenery or small, bulk flowers like baby’s breath or lavender can not only result in a tasteful, understated, but still beautiful bouquet, but also cut your flower budget by half or more. It also makes your favorite flowers stand out that much more in the grouping.

Double Up

Why buy it all twice? Designate a friend or helper to gather up flowers from the ceremony and move them to the reception. They look just as good, won’t take long to set up, and save you a bundle on bundles.

Be Flexible

We know you always pictured a specific arrangement in your mind when planning your wedding back in middle school, but considering being a bit more seasonal when your wedding actually does roll around. In-season flowers are often less expensive and easier to source than getting one particular species that has to be grown in a greenhouse in an island off of New Zealand this time of year.