Everyone loves free stuff, and as long as you choose something other than selected Bible verses you want to share, your guests will love pretty much any party favor you offer them. Still, you can enhance your wedding’s theme and get an extra-big smile from your guests with a unique and memorable favor. Here’s a few of our favorites to consider.

Custom Cocktail Kits

You know all those miniature bottles of liquor at the cash register in the grocery store? Choose one you like and pair with it with a similarly small share of mixer, together with a tiny jar or glass to mix it in. Besides being adorably tiny all-around, you can be creative with the cocktail you’re packaging together, and it can guarantee at least one evening of fun memories for your guests!

Mini Recipe Books

Depending on your family, this can be a great way to put a very personal twist on your party favors. Collect some favorite recipes ā€“ perhaps family favorites, maybe something from the reception ā€“ and print them together in a small, personal recipe book.

S’Mores Kits

It’s a little trendy, but just because it’s popular doesn’t make it any less delicious. Similar to the do-it-yourself cocktail set, package together a small bag of ingredients to make the perfect s’more. Since you’re making these special anyway, considering doing some experiments with special ingredients to put a special, unexpected twist on the classic treat that you can share with your guests.

Private-Label Snacks & Condiments

While private labels aren’t a totally unique concept for wedding favors, the sheer amount of products you can try it with makes it a neverending font for creativity and personalization. Candles, hot sauce, lip balms, even a creative flavor of soda ā€“ pick something that resonates with you and your spouse-to-be that you think says something about you, and that you guests will be sure to love.