You want to memorialize your special day forever, but making sure all those moments are preserved how you want them means you need a photographer you can trust to capture them perfectly. Here are some tips to finding the best wedding photographer for your wedding.

Decide on Style

Every photographer has a different style, and you want to make sure you choose one who can work with the style of photographs you’re looking for. For example, do you want an album of carefree, spontaneous moments of celebration? A documentary or photojournalistic style will capture these moments. If you’re seeking classic portraiture for a formal and refined look, find a portraiture photographer. So-called fine-art photography usually uses styles such as motion blur or filters to achieve a desired look. If you really want several styles of photography, consider hiring more than one photographer so you can assembled your own album.

Interview and Vet

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to a few, make sure you meet them in person. You’ll be working with your photographer closely for several arranged images as well as trusting them to do good work while you’re focus is elsewhere, so you need to mesh with them well. During the visit, ask to see a few of the photographer’s full wedding albums to get an idea of exactly the kind of end product you can expect. Make sure at least a couple of the albums are in a similar setting; for example, a photographer might be a genius with outdoor lighting, but you find his shots of an entirely indoor affair to be a little less inspiring.

Compare Packages ā€“ And Be Sure of Your Rights

Photography packages vary wildly, from just a couple thousand to huge $15,000 affairs. As part of your interview, be sure to inquire about the types of packages they offer and the rates they charge, and be sure that works with your desires for your wedding albums and the duration of the event (only day-of, pre- or post-wedding sessions with the wedding party, how much setup you want the photographer to be present for, etc.).

Also, be sure you’re clear on who has the rights to the photos once taken. Almost always the photographer will retain the rights to the pictures he takes. This permits him to use any of them for his own promotional materials. There may or may not also be stipulations on publicly posting photos that have not been fully touched up yet, or posting any photo without the photographer’s watermark. If you desire more rights to the pictures your photographer takes ā€“ say, to get them printed in an album other than what the photographer provides ā€“ you will need to pay extra.